CPO Certification®

We’re proud to be National Swimming Pool Foundation® Instructors (NSPFI®). This class is taught by two Seattle area industry professionals, with more than 30 years of experience each, who enjoy working with you and members of your team.

CPO® (Certified Pool/Spa Operator®) class booking options include:

1. Two days (8 hrs each) in class – without Pool Math Workbook.

2. Two days in class – with Pool Math Workbook.

3. Pool Operator Primer® & Pool Operator Fusion® (Sold Separately – both are required for CPO certification)

Pool Operator Primer® – First day of class is taken online, at your own pace! (Access code required)(Fusion® must then be successfully completed for CPO certification)

Pool Operator Fusion® – Attend only the second day of class (with proof of Primer® completion and valid, photo ID), for review and to take the exam. (You may only be CPO certified with proof of Primer® completion and a passing grade on exam).

We can also schedule classes at your property, or at various locations as needed.

Anywhere in Western Washington!

Our next course will take place on:

Nothing scheduled right now. Please check back later.

Course Materials

A Pool Math Workbook is highly recommended for those of us who may have difficulty with math (the class and exam are ‘math heavy’). Purchase yours below and we’ll send it along with the class materials. It can be extremely helpful!

The CPO Handbook is included with the class and is intended to be a valuable resource throughout your time maintaining your facility.


CPO Handbook

Certified Pool Operator Handbook


Pool Math Workbook

Pool Math Workbook