About Us

My name is Jeff Judson, I started Seattle Healthy Pools in 2013 to help pool owners and operators in ways other pool companies don’t. Over the past 35+ years I’ve held various, expanding positions in the aquatics (pool/spa) industry. Beginning as a small child (a very young apprentice) at The Sauna Shoppe – a family owned business opened in Southern California in 1972 by my father.

As I’ve grown in the industry, I’ve been privileged to work at some very elaborate swimming environments. During this time I’ve found that even the most highly skilled property managers can have very limited knowledge of how to properly maintain swimming pools.

Because of my experience and ability to simplify most of these difficulties, I decided to dedicate my entire career to helping people understand how swimming pools operate.

I hold several globally recognized industry certifications including: NSPFI® (National Swimming Pool Foundation Instructor), CPO® (Certified Pool/Spa Operator), CPI® (Certified Pool/Spa Inspector), just to name a few.

I have a passion for safe, fun, healthy, inexpensive to maintain, swimming environments and will work closely with you to ensure your facility is enjoyed by all who use it.

We are a team of industry certified technicians who have dedicated their careers to self improvement, education and advancement.

Although, we are consistently learning ourselves – keeping up with ever-changing technology and product advancement – we seldom find situations that we are not already familiar with. And we enjoy teaching what we have learned.

Every aquatic environment has its own characteristics, and we know the “ins-and-outs” of most all types, no matter the age, size, water chemistry, equipment, type or extra features.

We believe the statement “years of combined experience” is futile. Each individuals experience should speak for itself. Just ask the technician who arrives on your site about his or her career!

Me and a team member